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Drivetrain / Axel
Instrument Panel
Interior / Cab
Drivetrain / Axel
Anti-Chuck Strikers
Stamped Metal Brackets
Tube Retainers
Box Nuts
Instrument Panel
Metal Expansion Nuts
Plastic Expansion Nuts
Panel Clips
Plastic Rivits
Interior / Cab
Trim Clips
Threaded Assemblies
Tie Straps
Metal Tube Retainers
Plastic Tube Retainers

ARaymond, among the global leaders in the heavy truck and commercial vehicle market.

Due to decades of experience and renowned technological expertise, ARaymond has become one of the global leaders in fastening solutions for the heavy truck and commercial vehicle industry.

ARaymond’s core business, clip fasteners comply with the requirements of the particularly demanding industry.

In addition to the ergonomics of plastic and metal parts, the solutions and services provided by ARaymond facilitate OEM and their module suppliers assembly operations. Constant innovation, assembly line analysis, specific process development (lean bonding, fluid connections) and growing automation are all part of the global approach to improving client productivity.

Product Material Optimization

Focusing our approach on the specific advantages of metal, plastic, or both materials to create results that matter - weight reduction, cost reduction, and serviceability.

Many applications for
ARaymond's fasteners

ARaymond's products are fastening millions of vehicles worldwide. Applications include interior and exterior trim, IP, power train, electrical distribution, thermal management, and fluid handling. Its dedicated global teams are available to serve this demanding market, offering existing solutions or developnig them to meet new assembly needs.

ARaymond's expertise is applied to millions of vehicles from the world’s cheapest to the world’s most sophisticated.