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Panel Thickness (F)

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Light Duty (27)

Light Duty 2 (2)

Medium Duty (99)

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Product sub-family:

Panel Clip - Cable Clip

Fastener designed to attach a round cable or hose to a flat panel.

Product sub-family:

Panel Clip - S-Clip

S-shaped fastener designed to retain two panels together.

Product sub-family:

Panel Clip - U-Clip

U - Shaped fastener design to retain parallel panels together.

Product sub-family:

Panel Clip - U-Clip Special

U - shaped fastener designed to retain to one flat panel and interact with another component.

Product sub-family:

Push Rivet

Family of fastening solutions that attaches a component or panel to an adjacent panel. The product features a cylindrical hollow dart that snaps into a hole, and then expands when a secondary pin pushes into the dart.