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Width (b)

Material Thick. (s)

Screw Size (SS)

6-18;6-20 (1)

M4x.7 (2)

8-15;8-18 (1)

10-12;10-16 (1)

M5x.8 (1)

M6x1.0 (6)

Diameter (d)

Rib Thickness (F)

Stud Diameter (SD)

Inner Stud Diameter (Max)

Rib Length (PL)

Inner Stud Diameter (Min)

Set-up (Min) (A)

(A) Set-up (Max)

Stud Height (SH)

Stud Height (SH)

Length (l)

Height (h)

Joint Strength

Light Duty 2 (54)

Medium Duty (242)

Medium Duty 2 (30)

Heavy Duty (10)


Yes (306)

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Product sub-family:

Horseshoe Clips - C

Open ended clip that is either horseshoe or c shaped. The clips slide along parallel to the mating panel and engage a stud protruding through a hole in the panel.

Product sub-family:

Palnut - Round Stud

Palnut fasteners feature innner teeth formed to bite into a round stud. The teeth are formed to slide easily over the stud yet prevent the part from disengaging.

Product sub-family:

Palnut - Special Stud

Push-on designed to retain to a special shaped stud, commonly referred to as a rib.

Product sub-family:

Palnut - Threaded

Push-on fastenere with integral teeth designed to retain to a threaded stud.