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8-32 (3)

10-24 (3)

10-32 (3)

M6x1.0 (9)

1/4-20 (8)

5/16-18 (3)

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Width (b)

Length (l)

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Hole Width (B)

Throat Distance (A)

Bolt Height (h)

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Hole Diameter (R)

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Product sub-family:

Nut/Bolt Asm - Quickie Stud

Fastener that features a bolt that is designed to self retain in a key hole slot. Once installed in the panel, the operator is free to position (or hang) his panel ove the bolt and secure it using a nut.

Product sub-family:

Nut/Bolt Asm - Speed Grip

Assembly consisting of a square cage and nut or screw. The cage self retains on the back side of the panel.

Product sub-family:

Nut/Bolt Asm - U-Nut - U-Max

U-shaped stamped fastener and bolt assembly designed to retain on the edge of the panel. The installer would place the mating panel over the bolt and scure the panel with a nut.